We live in a big, beautiful country full of pretty spectacular places. So we searched from coast to coast for some of the most colorful places in America. Here: ten spots you don’t want to miss.

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Hill Country, Texas

Visit Hill Country for the barbecue; stay for the fields of endless bluebonnets, which generally begin to bloom in March.

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Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Not far from Lake Powell, this incredible slot canyon in Arizona looks like it’s setting on fire when sunlight ripples through and dances on the sandstone wall.

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Grand Prismatic Spring, Wyoming

Yellowstone Park’s largest hot spring is known for its striking rainbow effect.

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Stowe, Vermont

It’s the fall foliage capital of the world for a reason. Just look at those fiery red and golden leaves.

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Rainbow Row, Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston has no shortage of charming streets, but we can’t get enough of this historic block lined with gorgeously painted, Georgian homes.

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Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Red-rock hoodoos—odd pillars of rock caused by erosion—create an otherworldly hiking experience in this national park.

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Napali Coast, Hawaii

This 16-mile stretch of rugged, velvety mountains against jade blue water looks like it could be on another planet.

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The Maroon Bells, Colorado

Visit during any season: The colors change, but the view is never any less breathtaking.


South Beach, Florida

Cruise along Ocean Drive in Miami to see these candy-colored Art Deco buildings.

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The Painted Ladies, San Francisco, California

This row of vibrant houses made famous by the show Full House is just one of the many streets lined with brightly painted homes across the city.