This New Womens-Only Car Service Is Taking on Uber

Did you ever notice that almost every cab driver in NYC is a dude? Only 1 percent of the city's cab drivers are women…until now. A new ride-sharing service is launching in NYC, and it’s creating jobs, giving back to the community and helping passengers feel more comfortable taking cabs late at night. But sorry guys, it’s for ladies only.

Wait, how does this thing work? Chariot For Women is basically an all-gal version of Uber--women, trans women and children are all welcome. You download the free phone app, enter your credit card information and request a ride. 

Then what? The nearest (female) driver will pick you up--but don't get in unless if she says the code word provided on the app--no joke, safety is key here. You might share a ride with a group of other women going to a nearby destination. Two percent of every fare is donated to a women’s charity of your choice. So you get to where you’re your going and you give back--win-win. 

Can I sign up right now? Although the original launch date was slated for April 19, the demand for the app has been so popular, Chariot bumped back the date to hire and train more drivers. New freelance gig, here we come.

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