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Deny it all you want. But if you check Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter more than once a day (and come on, who could check Instagram only once?), you’re in dire need of a social media break. Here are eight things that might happen if you call it quits for a week.

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You Might Be Really Bored at First

Fact: Checking your email every 15 minutes is way less exciting than checking Snapchat every 15 minutes. No new emails. Oh, a Bed Bath and Beyond coupon. No new emails. No new emails. Yawn.

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...And Accidentally Open Instagram a Million Times

Whoops, you were just checking the weather and suddenly all of your social apps are open. It’s muscle memory, people. It’s just ingrained.

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But Then You’ll Realize You’re More Present

Just for fun, go for a walk in nature and don’t even bring your phone. It’s a beautiful, meditative experience.

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...And You Won’t Accidentally Walk Into Stop Signs as Much

It’s amazing what happens when you’re actually paying attention. (Your risk of concussion will go way down, for starters.)

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You’ll Get More Reading Done

With all this newfound free time, you can finally finish The Girls. And did you know bookworms are scientifically proven to live longer?

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Your Friends Will Still Love You

Seriously. They won’t forget you. We promise. They’ll just start inviting you to dinner parties via text instead of Facebook…or maybe even in person. Mind. Blown.

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And You’ll Find Yourself Enjoying the Moment

Instead of thinking, “Oooh, this is a great-looking cheeseburger. How can I take the best photo of it,” you’ll just eat the damn cheeseburger. And it will be glorious.

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You Might Even Deactivate Your Accounts For Good

…Until you get curious about what your ex’s new girlfriend’s sister had for dinner last night. And then all bets are off.

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