The Reason You’ll Be Seeing These Little iPhone Gadgets Everywhere (Psst: They’re Amazing)

The telltale signs of an iPhone user in need of help: shattered screen, stiff thumbs and, worst of all, mediocre selfies. If only there were a simple, elegant way to avoid all the hazards of using your smartphone.

Enter the Popsocket, a super-sleek add-on that will make using your favorite gadget so much easier.

OK, so what is this thing? It’s basically a flush, suctioned disk you stick on the back of your phone or tablet. When you “pop” it out, it provides you with a more secure, comfortable grip. Aka less dropping your phone all the time and—you guessed it—waaaaay better selfies.

Grip aside, it’s also especially awesome used as a stand for FaceTiming your mom or even just scrolling through your inbox. And if you’ve ever been stuck in a tangled web of headphones, you’ll appreciate this genius trick to keep your earbuds tangle-free, or even the easy way to fasten Siri to the dashboard (with the help of a separately sold PopClip).  

Given the bonkers amount of time we spend holding our phones, anything that makes it more comfortable is a win in our book…especially if the starting price is $10.

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