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Don’t get us wrong: We love our iPhone. And if you’ve updated your software or nabbed the new iPhone 7 (we’re soooo jealous), then you already know iOS 10 comes with tons of cool features. But here are five not-so-great ones we’re definitely turning off. 

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Stop Your Phone From Randomly Lighting Up

Have you noticed your phone screen brighten at random times, even when there are no new notifications? Now, whenever the internal motion sensor is triggered, the iPhone’s screen lights up, which Apple has dubbed “waking.” It’s not so helpful when you’re at a movie and want to check your messages incognito. To stop this from happening, go to Settings > Display and Brightness > Raise to Wake and switch the toggle off.


Get The Drawing Pad to Stop Popping Up in iMessage

In the new update, if you open a text message window and turn your phone horizontally, a drawing pad will appear. To switch this off, click the tiny keyboard on the bottom right corner when the drawing pad appears. This will activate the keyboard when the phone is horizontal.


Turn Off the “Press to Unlock” Feature

The new update has changed the way you unlock your phone. (Ugh, just when we’d gotten the hang of swiping.) The default now requires you to press down the home button in order to unlock it. To undo it, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button, then select Rest Finger to Open.


Delete Unnecessary Apps That Came with the Phone

Finally, we can all say buh-bye to Pages, Numbers, OneNote and iTunesU (whatever the heck that is). Just press the app on your screen until it wiggles, then click the “X” in the corner to delete. 


Disable iMessage Replies When the Screen Is Locked

In the new OS, anyone can reply to a text message without even unlocking the phone. Apple must have forgotten that toddlers have a way with words (and grabbing iPhones out of moms’ hands). To change this, go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode > Reply with Message and toggle to the off position.

RELATED: These Are the Best New Emojis from the iPhone Update

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