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Hasta la vista, 2018! Can’t say we’ll miss you or your weird '90s-inspired trends, mediocre food fads or false alarm Hawaiian ballistic missile notifications. Yep, we’re ready for a new leaf (of the non-frond variety), and the future’s so bright, we gotta wear shades (of the non-tiny variety). Here, the top eight trends to kick to the curb in the new year.

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Tiny Sunglasses

Mindy Kaling was right, y’all. The trend that not even Beyoncé could pull off (sorry, Beyhive) has seen its last plastic-rimmed day. Note to self: Whatever the Jenners and Hadids do, always wait at least six months. Instead, we’re looking forward to protecting our peepers with full eye coverage shades. Think: round rims, cat-eye silhouettes and oversize aviators.

midcentury modern furniture
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Midcentury Modern

The buzziest home trend in years has our Target aisles lookin’ like the set of Mad Men. Maybe it’s the over-proliferation of the term or just how uncomfortable a low-backed single-cushion couch is, but we’re ready to embrace a modern contemporary vibe in the coming year.

dad sneakers balenciaga

Dad Sneakers

These heinous clunkers are an eyesore. There, we said it.


From pizza and slushies to soft-serve and...pool floats (?), 2018 had some serious pregnancy cravings of the jarred and vinegared variety...and it’s making us nauseous. Let’s leave the brined cucumbers to sandwiches and charcuterie boards, OK?

Kardashian Makeup

Blame (praise) Duchess Meghan for ushering in a new era of no-makeup makeup. Her gorgeously freckled complexion, hint of pink lip and barely-there blush from her wedding day (not to mention all 76 royal engagements of the Australia tour) inspired us to do away with the brown matte lips and perfectly drawn cat eye. Bottom line: Our skin has never been happier.

palm frond wallpaper

Palm Fronds

Last year’s succulents are this year’s palm fronds, and we’re afraid the latter will meet the same demise. From accent wallpaper to fast-fashion to patterned pillows, we should all agree to leaf the fronds alone (sorry, had to). Instead, we’re for the birds…no, seriously, parrots and toucans and hummingbird prints are calling our name for 2019.

kate moss loose wavy hair
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Loose Waves

No, we didn’t just wake up like this. Kate Moss-inspired beachy waves outkicked their coverage for the better half of the 2010s with the popularity of the curling wand. Look, they're fine. But when we're getting dressed up, let's not look like we just got back from surfing, OK?



Those mini-me avatars are so 2016. Nowadays, all the cool kids are using Animojis—the personal emojis (from Apple, of course) that can be customized to look like you, then used to record a message that it speaks back to the recipient (mimicking your facial expressions, too). Yeah, we don’t really know either, but it’s super addicting (in an eerie Welcome to Marwen sorta way). 

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