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Hey, May: We see your Aperol spritz wars and Met Gala campiness, and we raise you a glass of rooftop rosé as we toast to the Women’s World Cup, the Spice Girls reunion tour kickoff and rainbow-colored everything in June. Here, six trends to get you excited for the first official month of summer.

bath tub june trends
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Bathtub Selfies

See ya, “headache pose.” The latest viral Instagram trend is the #BathtubChallenge. Posing in a sleek bathtub (marble, if ya got it) while wearing some over-the-top outfit is the newest social media trend for showing off your OOTD. Take a sartorial cue from Céline Dion, Tracee Ellis Ross and Lily Collins and rub-a-dub-dub your way into your feed. (Suds sold separately.)

ashley graham braid met gala
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Hair Jewelry

Barrettes were just the beginning. The latest beauty trend: adding rings, bling and baubles to your hairstyle. Whether you copy Ashley Graham’s ornamental braid at the Met Gala or weave a simple hoop earring into your updo, the possibilities are endless.

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Retro Denim Details

From vintage button flies to higher-than-high-waisted jeans, ’60s-style denim trends are making waves this summer. Our favorite iteration: Gap’s four-inch high-rise shorts. Soon to be your new favorites, these blue-jean beauties have that retro look and feel, but with a modern (i.e., relaxed yet slim) silhouette.

star wars galaxys edge theme park disney
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Disney Everything

AladdinToy Story 4. The Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge theme park opening in California. Get ready for the summer of Disney.

june trends woman reading phone
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Instagram Poems

Amid the never-ending engagement and baby fodder, our news feed has seen an explosion of Insta-poets. Their poems are chopped down and converted to an image, sized to fit a 2-by-3-inch square, and posted and reposted for all to ogle. From Rupi Kaur’s minimalist lines and accompanying illustrations to the anonymous New York Times best seller Atticus, to Meghan Markle fave and enigmatic poet Nayyirah Waheed, a break in the endless (and not-so-humble) vacay bragging is helping our digital addiction feel a little less shallow and a little more like self-discovery.

two wine glasses
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Wine Tourism

Napa isn’t the only destination for oenophiles. This summer, expect a surge in vineyard-centric vacays to lesser-traveled wine locales. Think sampling the Wine Spectator Grand Award–winning wine list at Tennessee’s Blackberry Farm, floating your way through a wine-tasting yacht tour in Lisbon or settling into Franciacorta for sparkling wine in Northern Italy. BRB, the “grape” outdoors is calling. 

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