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We’re exactly halfway through 2019...and holy sh*t, that was fast. But before you get too nostalgic, take a moment to take stock of all the things the cool girls are doing this summer. Here, seven trends you’re about to see everywhere.

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DIY Newsletters

Want to keep friends in the loop but don’t have a million hours for weekly phone catch-ups? Take a cue from a royals enthusiast, a tech startup and a handful of our media industry friends and launch your own weekly e-blast. Some folks are using these forums to discuss politics and book reccos, while others keep it strictly personal (Dave has a new job!). But any way you slice it, you have to admit, it makes perfect sense in the era of digital intimacy and the art of the overshare. 

Polka Dot Nails

Sophisticated, multicolored dots on a sheer background are this season’s nail art obsession (and have made their debut on a handful of nail-art Instagrams we follow). Just ask your manicurist for tiny, pin-size specks in a favorite assortment of colors.


OK, fine, we totally made that term up. But we’ve been seeing “belfies” all over our feeds for months now, and we’re very much on board. How do you take a book selfie, you ask? It’s simple: Just find a cool background (preferably color-coordinated with the jacket), hold up your latest read and snap a pic. Examples here, here and here. Oh, and showing off your pretty manicure doesn’t hurt, either.

Low-Cal Wine

Knocking back 3 glasses of rosé is so 2017. This summer is all about low-calorie and low-sugar wines, courtesy of brands like FitVine (less than 1 gram of sugar per glass) and Cense (85 calories per five-ounce pour). While we’d never expressly endorse this pseudo-healthy swap (remember: sugar isn't typically added to wine but just comes from the grapes themselves), don’t be surprised if a guest brings a bottle to your next barbecue. 

instagram shopping

Instagram Shopping

If you’ve recently clicked on an Instagram from your favorite brands, you’ll know that you can shop the store’s featured pieces, see what the clothing looks like on your favorite bloggers and even save items to a Pinterest-style wish list (called a “collection”), all from within the app. Is this the future of shopping? Jury’s still out (but if our recent bathing suit purchases are any indication...then 1,000% yes.)

Bermuda Shorts

Cheek-skimming jorts are out; these longer, more adult-approved shorts are in for summer (and our thighs couldn’t be happier). While they had a big moment back in the early 2000s, the 2019 versions are high-waisted, hit at mid-thigh and aren’t too tight or too loose.

mandy moore choppy bob haircut
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Choppy Bobs

If Gabrielle Union, Reese Witherspoon, Alison Brie and Mandy Moore are any indication, the choppy chin-length bob is the style of summer. What differentiates 2019’s take on the cut? It's not sleek or even at the ends, but rather jagged and rough, with uneven layers that give you that lived-in, tousled look.

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