6 Trends That Will Be Huge This April

Warmer temps, floral dresses and rediscovering your ankles. We love spring. But what’s trending? We’re glad you asked!

What’ll Look Best on You? These Are the Best Spring Trends for Every Body Type

Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Pvc Accessories

April showers bring…plastic shoes? The PVC trend has finally gone mainstream with the proliferation of clear vinyl footwear, bags and coats in nearly every ready-to-wear collection this season. Want to try the look without breaking the bank? Check out this Zara bag and these strappy Steve Madden sandals.

Not Pot

Cbd Food

You’ve heard of cannabis-infused body oils and olive oil with THC? The newest trend in pot-filled products is Cannabidiol, or CBD, which is another chemical compound found in marijuana. It’s known to relax, but without the high- and munchies-causing effects of THC. This spring, we’re seeing it in tons of new sweet-tooth iterations, like chocolate, gumdrops and even cocktails.


Rose Gold Hair

Ready to switch up your deep winter color for a vibrant new ’do? This pretty strawberry blonde is the perfect mix of platinum, copper and rose-tinted undertones. Celebs like Emma Roberts, Kaley Cuoco and Sophie Turner are among the recent converts.

Half-Baked Harvest

Adaptogen Smoothies

Power greens? So two years ago. The newest health food craze comes in the form of stress-busting adaptogens, or “super herbs” like shiitake mushrooms, ginseng and maca, which purportedly increase calm feelings, regulate hormones and boost energy. Look for them in smoothies and lattes, and as the 2018 answer to acai and matcha.

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High-design Water Bottles

You had a good run, giant ugly Nalgene bottle. Nowadays, trendy yoga girls are sporting pretty, jewel-toned and not inexpensive water bottles that basically signal a full-on commercialization of the self-care movement. Crystal, glass and spiky metallic versions abound.  


Social Media Detoxes

Snapchat’s new update, Facebook’s giant #fail: Have the recent social media PR nightmares got you down? You're not alone. This year, high-profile folks like royal-to-be Meghan Markle and Call Me by Your Name actor Armie Hammer have publicly quit their social media accounts in an effort to be more present, mindful and to live in the moment. (Well, in Markle’s case it may have been a Kensington Palace decree.) Expect your friends to follow suit. (Ya know, until they absolutely have to post a pic of their adaptogen smoothie, of course…) 

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