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When it comes to Snapchat, pretty much anything goes. Snapchat's dog-face filter, hand-drawn masterpieces, floating emojis…it’s all fair game. But, like with any social media, a set of unspoken rules govern the strange world of communication we live in. Here, six ways to avoid being that person on Snap.

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Anything Blurry

Should we get our eyes checked or was that out-of-focus treadmill supposed to be an artistic statement? (Just because Snap is fast doesn’t mean it should be crappy.)


Food in Low Lighting

A sun-lit shot of your five-star meal? Mouthwatering. A dimly lit plate of grays and browns? Hard pass. 


Videos with Loud Noises

So help us, God, if we accidentally open it at work…. 


Ten-Second Videos of Yourself Talking

Unless you’re a Kardashian (and we don’t wish that upon you), save the monologue for IRL conversations.


A one-second video of anything

Wait, what was that? Ohhhh, Leo DiCaprio eating lunch five tables away? We just saw a crowded restaurant.


A Bajillion Selfies in a Row

Especially if it goes puppy dog, puppy dog, flower crown, star halo, puppy dog. You’re more creative than this.

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