All the Things You Should Never Post on New Year’s Eve

Fireworks, sequins and Champagne: Yeah, it’s safe to assume New Year’s Eve is one of our favorite nights. But the holiday that arguably provides the best photo opps can also be somewhat of a personal PR disaster. Here, five New Year’s posts you should avoid sharing on social media.

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Drunk Posts

When your Champagne glass runneth over and your go-to smize turns into drunk eyes, your photos start to look a little too reminiscent of college. Restrain yourself from posting, and leave the sloppy pics to your BFF group chat.


“New Year, Same Old Me”

There are approximately one million photo captions cleverer than this.


Fireworks Pics

Those teeny-tiny lights way, way off in the distance are actually fireworks. Who knew?


Your Midnight Makeout

We’re totally cool with a sweet pic of your smooch as the clock strikes 12, but thatFrench-kissing, tongues-everywhere situation is total PDA. (Granny Edna just got a Facebook, for goodness' sake!)


Super-Dramatic Paragraph Captions

We can all agree: 2017 was trash. Let’s start fresh, shall we?

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