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Here's Why Texting or Emailing Money Makes Sense
Splitting the bill is more fun with emojis.

You owe your bestie for half of last night’s dinner. You want to repay your colleague who fetched lunch. You need to pay back the mom who lent your kid $5 for a snack. So isn’t it time you joined the digital age and started using a free money-sending app?

Here’s an extra incentive: Download the Circle Pay app, enter the promo code WOW under “settings” and be automatically entered to win one of five $1,000 cash prizes.

Circle Pay is all about moving money with ease. But it’s got a leg up on other mobile cash-sending services because it doesn’t stop at U.S. borders and there are no fees or cash limits for sending or receiving money--or cashing out. (It’s still super-safe, though, with PIN, double authentication and FDIC insurance.)

Plus, payees don’t even need to have the app. Instead, they’ll get cash alerts and payment requests via email or text, along with whatever photos, animated GIFs and emojis you add.

So get the Circle Pay app now and enter to win $1,000. Because trudging to the ATM is a bummer #throwback.

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