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Danger, danger: When it comes to backing up your digital photos, cloud-based services like Google Photos are great…but they’re definitely not 100 percent secure. To be truly safe, you need to double up with an external hard drive. Here’s what to do--and why.

What you need: A multi-terabyte hard drive (like this one from Best Buy

What you do: Proceed as you normally would and upload your precious pics to Google Photos or Dropbox. But here’s the clincher: You should also drag and drop the Photos folder on your Mac to an external hard drive, so that your images are backed up in two places instead of one. 

Here’s the reason: It sucks, but even the most iron-clad digital service (hello, Google) can encounter a glitch. By having your pics in two separate places--a hard-drive and an online photo backup service--you've covered your bases just in case something awful happens. (Trust us: It’s better to plan ahead than rely on an app’s hard-to-reach customer service team to rescue your pics.)

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