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Apples, milk, eggs, dog food…ugh. You have a million things to remember, and a mental checklist of everything your family asked you to pick up at the store isn't one of them. But thanks to the new iOS 10 update, you no longer need to keep a running tally. Use the Notes app to let multiple people collaborate simultaneously.


Step 1

Tap the Notes app on your iPhone, then open an iCloud note. (To do this, make sure your notes are shared to your iCloud. Simply go to Settings > iCloud and turn Notes on.)


Step 2

Click the icon at the top right (it looks like a person with a plus sign). Add your S.O. via a text message, link or email, then type away. Your collaborator will be able to open up the note on his or her phone and edit and add groceries (chunky peanut butter, please) in real time.


Step 3

Don’t forget to add the kiddos, too, if there’s a whole bunch of chores that need to get done before your dinner party on Friday. Now excuse us while we subtly ask for Ben & Jerry’s fro-yo without actually having to say a word. We love you, technology. 

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