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Guys, This Alarm Clock Wakes You Up with a Scent
Geber86/Getty Images

What if, instead of a blaring alarm, you could be roused from your slumber with the scent of freshly baked croissants or the aroma of a salty ocean breeze?

Well, there’s a product that claims it can do exactly that. According to the makers of the Sensorwake Olfactory Alarm Clock, scent is a powerful enough wake-up call to gently extract you from dreamland in just two minutes.

The Kickstarter-funded alarm features seven different dry-air diffusion capsules including toast, peppermint, croissants, espresso and seaside. The scents were specifically chosen to evoke “pleasant emotions as well as sweet memories,” so that you can wake up in a good mood.

To use the alarm, you insert your chosen cartridge, set the time and that’s it—you'll be awakened with the aroma of your choice. For heavy snoozers, there’s also a backup melody that plays after three minutes so that you don’t have to worry about missing your 9 a.m. meeting.

Weird gadget that’ll never take off or the way of the future? We haven’t tried the alarm clock yet but we’re definitely intrigued. Although truth be told, we’d be even more interested if actual warm croissants and freshly brewed coffee were waiting for us when we awoke. Hey, a girl can dream. 

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