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How to Easily Send GIFs in a Text Message
Roberta Fiorito

Leaving text messages unanswered, letting phone calls go to voicemail, sending one-word answers: These are a few of our worst communication sins. But when words fail us (or, ya know, we don’t feel like typing), there’s a better way. Here’s how to quickly send a GIF in a text message.

What you need: Your iPhone, updated to iOS 10. (C’mon: You know you’ve been meaning to do it for months now.)

What you do: In iMessage, tap the gray arrow icon on the left hand side of the screen above the keyboard. Next, press the app store icon (pencil and paintbrush). Tap the four dots in the lower left corner and select the little magnifying glass that says #images. Search for the perfect GIF of Kristen Wiig.

So, who’s ready to partyyyyyyyyy? You are, you tech-saavy maven.

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