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All you want to do is pull up those gorgeous beach pics you snapped in June so you can post the perfect OMG-I-miss-summer #tbt, but ugh, your camera roll has 4,000 photos and you just can’t find them. Thanks to iOS 10, there’s a better way.

What you do: First, upgrade to iOS 10. Then open up your iPhone’s camera roll. Tap the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner (it’s right next to the edit button) and a search window will automatically appear.

Now what? Depending on which photos you’re looking for, try plugging in general keywords like “beach” or “sunset” and voilà—a mini album with anything that resembles those shots will quickly populate. (And FYI, it’s actually really accurate.)

Yay, no more endless scrolling. Unless you’re on Instagram.

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