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Saturn Is in Retrograde, and Heres the One Thing You Need to Stop Doing Until September 6th

Hooray! The cosmic hellfire that is Mercury retrograde is finally over. But alas, we must inform you that we’re not out of the woods just yet. Today, powerhouse planet Saturn slips into retrograde, bringing with it a massive risk of tech-related embarrassments.  

Here’s the deal: Saturn is a huge, stoic planet to begin with, and when in retrograde, it’s calculated orbit slows down even further—meaning that our tech-driven, fast-paced lives are completely out of sync with the cosmo’s energy. During this period of tension, all manner of electronic communication snafus will occur if we aren’t super careful. Think: forwarding an email about your boss to your boss...or shooting a raunchy text to Work Dave instead of Tinder Dave. 

The one thing to stop doing? Sending off digital correspondences without double or even triple checking them. (No rapid-fire inbox clean-outs or thrown together group texts, please.) And generally speaking, it's smart to spend less time on your devices (hi, scrolling through Insta in the loo) in order to narrow the margin for error. 

Take this advice seriously, guys: Saturn will be retrograde until September 6 (that’s big window to make a flub of galactic proportions). 

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