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If you’re like us, rebates seem super old school—like, snail mail old school. But with smartphones and apps, earning money back for purchasing certain products is not only easy (no mail-in required), but also, dare we say, fun. Here’s how to rebate on your phone. 

Download a rebate app that makes sense for you. Specifically one that focuses on a type of store that you frequent or product that you buy often (organic, bulk, pharmacy, packaged goods, etc.). Some of our favorites are ibotta, Checkout51, Snap and Berry Cart

Make a grocery list. The rebate offers change daily. So check out the specials on your app before you make a list and head to the store. $1.00 back on any brand of eggs? Added to the list. 50 cents back on bananas? Added. $1.50 back on Halo Top ice cream? Sure, let’s try it.

Snap your receipts and upload. Take a photo of your receipt on your phone and upload to the app (each app varies, so just make sure to read the directions). It’ll confirm and add money to your account. Once you hit a certain amount (on Checkout51, it’s $20), you can cash out.

Money in the bank, baby. Plus, bananas.

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