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15 Keyboard Shortcuts for PC Users That Will Save You Major Time

You need to copy something and paste it into a Word doc. But why make all the effort to move your mouse if you don’t have to? These 15 keyboard shortcuts for PC users are total game changers. Memorize them…or at least print 'em out. 

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If You Want to Copy
Control + C 

If You Want to Paste
Control + P

If You Want to Undo a Mistake
Control + Z

If You Want to Start a New Doc
Control + N

If You Want to Save
Control + S 

If You Want to Select All Text
Control + A

If You Want to Cut a Selected Item
Shift + Delete

If You Want to Cancel Your Most Recent Action

If You Want to Search a Doc or PDF
Control + F

If You Want to Print Something Out
Control + P 

If You Want to Toggle Between Open Applications
Alt + Tab

If You Want to Take a Screenshot
Alt + Prt Sc

If Your Computer Suddenly Freezes
Control + Alt + Delete

If You Want to Lock Your Computer
Windows Key + L

If You Need Help (in Any Application)

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