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This New Netflix Update Is a Binge Watcher’s Dream

It’s Sunday night, and while you were supposed to crush only one or two episodes (max!) of the new season of Orange Is the New Black, you got into the zone somehow, and now you’re well on your way to watching the entirety of the show. (Whoops.)

Good thing Netflix just introduced a serious time-saver for binge watchers. It’s called the “Skip Intro” button.

Think about it: When you’re mid-TV binge, the only thing really interrupting your groove (or giving you time to squeeze in a quick bathroom or snack break) is the 30 seconds when the opening credits start to roll. Thanks to this button—which appears whenever the title cards and intro music start to play—you can bypass the whole thing and cut right to the chase.

Something to note: Netflix is rolling out this feature in waves, so it may not be available on your web browser quite yet. But keep an eye out for it, then prepare to make the most of all those precious minutes of TV time you got back.

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