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Finally: An ‘iPod Shuffle’ for Spotify That’s Perfect for Workouts
The Mighty

Runners, rejoice: The answer to a phone-free workout is officially here. Yep, instead of cuing up Spotify on your iPhone, then awkwardly carrying your smartphone in your hand (or tucked inside an uncomfortable armband) as you fit in a 5K before work, there’s a new—and screenless—device to try. It’s called the Mighty.

What is the Mighty? Basically, it’s like an iPod Shuffle, except that instead of pre-loading tunes from your computer, you can sync it with your Spotify playlists, then play them offline. (For example, when you’re pounding the pavement sans Wi-Fi.)

How does it work? That’s the cool part—the sync process is totally wireless. Just download the Mighty app, then connect your device via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to start adding your favorite Spotify tunes. When you’ve loaded the playlists you want (a process that takes only a few minutes), you’re good to go. Ditch your phone and clip the lightweight Mighty to your shirt—or shorts—while you work out. (FYI, there’s an earbud jack, but the device works with wireless headphones, too.)

But without a screen, how do you switch between playlists? Easy. Simply press the button in the upper-right-hand corner on your Mighty and a robotic-like voice acts like a remote control for each playlist. When the playlist name (say, “OMG Beyoncé” or “I Love the ’90s”) is read aloud, it’s been selected. Done and done.

One techy thing to keep in mind: In addition to the $85 cost to own, a Spotify premium account ($9.99/month) is required to use the device. But after that, cue the phone-free (and hands-free) playback. Hello, workout bliss.

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