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We’re calling for a revolution: All Angelenos have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…in traffic. Here, 11 ways to make that happen in your own car.

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1. Sing
Seriously, James Corden’s addictive “Carpool Karaoke” series has totally shown us how singing in the car rules. Extra happiness points if you move your head and hands expressively, à la Adele—that is, of course, if you’re riding shotgun. Hands at ten and two, everyone.

2. Get a Sticky Pad
Without any glue to gum up your car, this rubber mat stays in place on your dashboard and keeps small electronics, your cell phone and more from flying all over the inside of your car during sharp turns.

3. Treat Yourself to a Non-Gross Air Freshener
Later, nausea-inducing car wash air fresheners. Instead we’re breathing in organic aromatherapy oils like peppermint (invigorating), mandarin (stress relieving) and lemongrass (bad-scent masking) thanks to a diffuser that’s plugged into our electronics port (formerly known as your cigarette lighter).

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M. Gemi

4. Slip on Driving Shoes
They were first invented for sports car drivers so their feet didn’t slip off the pedal, but we like them because it’s just like wearing slippers outside and these moccasins are so cute.

5. And Driving Gloves
Lightweight and unlined, these protect our palms from sizzling steering wheels and the back of our hands from overexposure to the sun. Super-thin Italian leather is the way to go.

6. Dictate Your Brilliant Ideas/That Forgotten Chore
You know all those things you forgot to do at home? The ones you always forget again when you’ve gotten to work? Ask Siri to “Make a note” and she will dictate it to Notes (which is that forgotten app that automatically came on your iPhone). 

7. Brush Up on Your Spanish
Sign up for SpanishPod101 and you’ll have beginner or intermediate podcasts in your feed in no time.

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8. Listen to Call Your Girlfriend 
This addictive podcast has two long-distance besties calling each other once a week and gabbing about everything from their cramps to current events. You know, like real women do. Start with March’s “Comfort Hoodie” episode. And remember, keep it all hands-free: plug your phone into the car charger and set your audio system to “remote” pre-drive, then ask Siri to play the podcast once you're safely on the freeway.

9. Discreetly Massage While You Drive
It doesn’t matter if you’re taking the Maybach to work today; if your lower back muscles seize up, you’re going to be super-grumpy. Release muscles stiff from sitting in one position for too long with a heated massaging lumbar pillow. These little numbers support you where you need it and are easy to just toss in the backseat if you want to hide the fact that you’re now using a device you used to laugh at your parents for liking. 

10. Make Eye Contact
It’s the best way to avoid road rage—look into your fellow drivers’ faces when you can and remember that even though they seem not to know how to use a turn signal, they too are children of the universe trying to get to work on time.

11. Practice Lane-Merge Deep Breathing
In order to avoid a sense of personal entitlement and almost certain frustration, get in the habit of inhaling deeply before and during your lane change. The rush of oxygen to your brain will help calm you down.

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