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Let’s be honest: The iPhone is pretty much our lifeline for making calls, sending texts and posting Instagrams. Here are five more things we bet you had no idea that trusty little gadget could do.

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It Can Tell You When to Change Your Tampon

OK, so this product is in development, but My.Flow is a forthcoming new app that uses a Bluetooth-connected tampon to actually ping you when it’s time for a change. Sure, it could be gross…or it could save you from having to toss those brand-new white jeans.

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It Can Send You Custom Vibrations So You Always Know Who's Calling

If you’re in a meeting and feel your phone blowing up, it’d be nice to know if it’s the nanny (urgent) or your sister (probably not). Good thing customizing your phone’s vibrations is a total cinch: Simply open your iPhone’s contacts, hit Edit and scroll down until you see Vibration. There, you’ll see the option to Create New Vibration, which you can do by recording (and saving) a custom series of taps.


It Can Help You Organize All Your Vacation Pics

So many beach selfies. In case you missed it, your iPhone comes pre-installed with Apple Photos, a super-simple photo-sharing service that makes it a breeze to throw together an album with all the best shots from your sun-filled weekend in 2.5 secs. All you have to do is select the pics you want others to be able to view, tap the box/arrow icon in the bottom left corner and choose iCloud Photo Sharing. Name your album, type in the people you want to share it with and, boom, your closest friends and family can all view.

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It Can Help You Easily Access a Lost Text

Come on, you know that recipe from your mom is in your text chain somewhere. Now you can find it in seconds simply by opening up your messages app and scrolling up until you see the search bar. Plug in a key word or two (like “cauliflower” or “recipe”) and the thing you’ve been looking for forever should magically appear.

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It Can Help You Look As Good as Beyoncé

OK, so you have to pony up $5 for a special selfie fan, but once you do, it plugs right into your iPhone’s USB port so you can achieve a glamorous windswept look in all your Instagram pics. Yessss. 

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