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Jessica Naziri

Meet the tech influencer who’s making geek chic

For many of us, the world of tech can seem daunting. (What app do I have to download? Why do I need this software update?) And oftentimes, we find ourselves wishing we had a savvy girlfriend to break things down for us in layman’s terms. That’s exactly the space that Jessica Naziri has created with—her lifestyle meets tech blog, where app recommendations mingle happily with career advice and wellness hacks. A full-time influencer, writer and entrepreneur, our girl Jessica is all about making the great wide world of tech accessible, exciting—and yes, stylish. Get to know this industry disruptor, below.

On the words she lives by. "You don’t need to apologize for someone bumping into you, being passionate, asking for permission, raising children or saying no. This really strikes a chord with me, because it's all about women rising to the top and doing what is right for them. As the eldest of four, I tell this to my sisters all the time.”

On what she does, in her own words. “I started my career as a technology reporter for CNBC and The L.A. Times and later as a tech executive at a local start-up in L.A. was born out of my passion for creating a platform that celebrates incredibly dynamic females in the tech space, and a place where women can talk candidly about their journeys and share actionable advice that fellow career-focused women can hold on to. My drive and passion come from the lack of what is out there. I wanted to close the tech creative gap and come up with development solutions and show that it is OK to be creative, fashionable and involved in the tech industry. I feel like that’s something this industry can expand on.”

On her secret talents. “Most people don't know that I speak Farsi and that I dance salsa. I love culture and make it a point to travel and learn the language and dance of the different countries I visit.”