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Shooting the perfect pic on your iPhone doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it isn’t, thanks to a slew of digital “helpers” that make taking photos on your phone a breeze. Here, seven smartphone photography tricks to keep in your back pocket. 

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You Can Hold Your Finger Down on the Screen to Lock Focus

For example, if you know your photo’s focal point is an object—or a face—tap (and hold your finger down on the screen for a few secs) to get your phone’s focus to lock.


And Set a Self-Timer for Group Shots

When you open up your phone’s camera, you should see an icon at the top that looks like a watch face. Tap it to set a timer for three—or ten—seconds, then run to get in place.


You Can Take Pics Using Your iPhone's Volume Buttons

Perfect for those moments when your selfie angle is just a little bit too awkward.

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Or Snap Photos From a Distance Using Just Your Headphones

Who needs a selfie stick when all you have to do is prop up your camera and tap the plus or minus buttons on your Apple earbuds? Voilà!


You Can Adjust the Brightness of Pics From the Photo Frame

Compensate for shadows (or darkly lit bars) by tapping on the screen right before you take the pic. A sunburst symbol will appear, giving you the chance to manually adjust the brightness up or down from right within the pic. All you have to do is touch your finger to the screen and move it up or down.


And Reduce Blur On Photos Taken With Shaky Hands

It’s called burst mode. If you’re worried your hands are shaking, just hold down the shutter to take a several consecutive shots. When you’re done snapping, open up your camera roll to see all the options. Choose Select and pick your favorites before deleting the rest.

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You Can Open Up Selfie Mode From the Home Screen

For anyone with an iPhone 6S, the 3-D touch feature makes it a cinch to tap your camera icon and go right into selfie (or video) mode. From your phone’s home screen, just press down firmly on the camera icon and a pop-up menu will appear. Choose which shooting option you prefer (for example, selfie mode) and your phone’s camera will open up, all ready to go.

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