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We love Instagram. We really do. But for every bonkers outfit or mouthwatering milkshake, there are tons of super-annoying posts that make us seriously consider unfollowing. In the new year, do yourself and your followers a favor and avoid these 17 posts.

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annoying instagrams workout
Jacob Lund/Getty Images

Braggy Workout Selfies
Exercise is great, but begging for congratulatory comments for having done 40 burpees is irritating. (Same goes for screenshots of how many miles you’ve run.)

Anything New Years' Resolution-Related
Mostly because it’s going to be awkward to explain to friends that your healthy living journey lasted a whopping eight days.

annoying instagrams blurry

Low-Quality Photos
It’s not artsy…we just honestly can’t tell if that’s a bar or a bowling alley.

Grainy Videos of Concerts
The audio is terrible and how much are you really enjoying being in the presence of Beyoncé if you’re focused on recording?

annoying instagrams pda

Excessive PDA
We love that you’re in love, but literally no one needs to see selfies of you two in bed.

Photos That Might Embarrass Other People
Save that picture of Katie dancing on the bar for your group chat.

annoying instagrams coffee

Latte Art
Drink your coffee and move along.

#TBTs on Days Other Than Thursday
Kinda just looks like you’re trying to relive your glory days.

annoying instagrams food

Unappetizing Food
Similar to low-quality photos, but much more stomach-churning.

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annoying instagrams dogs

Endless Dog Photos
A sweet snap of little Rufus every now and then is adorable; photo documentation of his every game of fetch is grounds for unfollowing.

Endless Hot Dog Photos
By which we mean…hot dog leg photos.

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annoying instagrams travel

Photos of Boarding Passes
We get it: You’re a #jetsetter. (Just post from the beach in Bali and then we’ll throw you a like.)

More Than Two Posts in a Day
Less is more, ladies. Leave something to the imagination.

annoying instagrams sunrise

Chances are, everyone who follows you knows what a sunrise looks like.

Inspirational Quotes
Unless they’re decidedly un-earnest

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annoying instagrams nails

A Photo of Your Cool Manicure
What is this, 2013?

Photos You Didn’t Take
Regramming is one thing, but trying to pass someone else’s work as your own is straight up plagiarism.

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