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Look at you with your snazzy new iPhone 6S (or 6S Plus). Sure, you’ve probably heard about “live” photos--heck, maybe you’ve even taken one by accident--but you actually have zero clue about how they work. Here, we’ll break it down.

Let’s start at the beginning: What are they? Basically, your camera can now bring still images to life by capturing a few seconds of video before and after you snap a pic.

OK, so how do I turn it on and off? Open the camera on your iPhone and tap the circular icon at the top between the HDR and timer options. If the icon is yellow, the live photo feature is turned on. If it’s white, it’s off.

But where do the “live” pics get saved on my phone? They’re right in your regular camera roll. Just tap the pic you want to see and press and hold down on the screen to see the animation.

Cool. Why do I need “live” photos again? Basically, it’s like you’re creating mini-GIFs of life moments. You can set them as your phone’s wallpaper (or share them with anyone with an Apple device) and then re-live that time your kid mugged for the camera whenever you’re feeling stressed out.

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