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Um, the New iPhone 7 Will No Longer Have a Headphone Jack

Hey, iPhone users: Apple just unveiled the new iPhone 7, scheduled to hit shelves on September 16. (You can pre-order it in just a few days.) Here, five features that make it different from previous generations.

1. It’ll no longer have a headphone jack. Yep, the rumored news is true—Apple has officially done away with the analog jack. Instead, your headphones will connect via lightning port (aka the area where you plug your phone in to charge). Worried about how you’ll listen to podcasts with your now-outdated earbuds? Apple has also developed a special adaptor that comes included with your new phone.

2. You can also buy fancy schmancy new wireless earbuds. OK, so they’re now called earpods, but these cordless headphones can handle five hours of continuous playback before needing a charge. (They also make you look like you’re in the secret service when you take a call.) No word yet on whether they come included with the new phone or if you have to buy them separately, but we’re guessing you have to buy them separately.

3. There’s now a second camera. The new dual-lens setup means you no longer have to pinch to zoom. Instead, you’ll get a wide-angle and a telephoto lens, which can deliver up to 10x the zoom without looking pixelated. Huzzah!

4. And stereo sound. Via external speakers on the top and bottom of your phone.

5. And it’s much more water-resistant. So go ahead, drop it in the toilet.

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