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Yes, our phones work miracles. They tell us where the nearest dry cleaner is while ordering us a pizza and informing us that it’s going to rain later. But did you know they can also save your actual life? Here, five ways your iPhone could seriously come through in an emergency.


It could provide emergency responders with your vital info

The iPhone’s pre-loaded health app does more than just track steps. Fill out your health stats (blood type, allergies, medical history, emergency contact) to provide potential first responders with important information that could save crucial minutes in an emergency. Get started by opening the app and tapping Medical ID>edit. Then turn on “show when locked” so the info can be accessed even if you have a password.


It could call 911 for you

We’ve all been there: walking home in a kinda sketchy situation and feeling like maybe we should’ve just taken that Uber. In the future, use Safetrek ($3 a month), an app that, when enabled, requires you to hold your finger on the screen until you’re home. If your finger is removed, a prompt will ask for a four-digit code. But if you don’t enter the code, local police will be notified of your exact location.


It could prevent you from getting hopelessly lost when you travel

Getting lost in a foreign country with zero bars of service or GPS might sound romantic, but it’s actually pretty dangerous. (My hotel is where?) Play it safe by using the Google Maps app to download detailed maps of entire cities in advance--then easily access them any time.


It could share your location with your loved ones

Rest easier when somebody else knows your whereabouts? Download the free Find My Friends app (which comes preloaded on phones with iOS9) to share your exact location with others--and track theirs, too. (Just be forewarned that now your boyfriend will know every time you accidentally stumble into Barneys for an hour and a half.)


It could remind you to take your medication

Calling all forgetful ladies. Apps like Medisafe and Pill Reminder can help track your medications and alert you when you (or a relative) should take them each day. Now there?s really no excuse for missing that dose of birth control?

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