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How Your iPhone Timer Can Help You Sleep Better

Counting sheep to fall asleep has never really been your thing, which is why this trick using your iPhone’s timer and the music on your phone is kind of a dream. (No pun intended.) Here’s what you need to do.

First, cue up your most soothing playlist: Maybe you love listening to French Café on Pandora. Or have a super-chill mix pre-assembled on Spotify. Wherever your music lives on your iPhone, find the tunes you’d like to fall asleep to and hit play.

Next, open the Clock app: Tap the option for your iPhone’s timer and select When Timer Ends. Scroll all the way to the bottom, where you’ll see Stop Playing. Hit save, then set the amount of time you’d like your music to play for—say, 45 minutes. (Basically, however long you think it’ll take for you to reach la-la land.) That’s it.

OK, now what happens? At the end of 45 minutes, your timer will take over and automatically shut off your tunes (meaning you don’t have to worry about getting jolted awake to the sounds of a still-crooning Frenchman in the middle of the night).

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