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How to Set Up (and Actually Use) Find My iPhone
Photo Courtesy of Rachel Bowie

Ugh, you lost your iPhone…again. If only Apple had a system so you could easily locate your device that you’re, like, positive is somewhere in your house. Oh wait, it does; you’re just not using it. Here, how to set it up so the next time you misplace your phone, you can find it fast.

What you do: Go into your iPhone settings and tap iCloud, then Find My iPhone, then toggle the switch on. That’s it.

OK, now what? The next time you lose your phone, visit on a web browser and log into your account (it should be the same username and password you use to log into your iTunes account). Click the option that says Find My iPhone and a map with your iPhone’s location will appear that you can zoom in on. Tap Play Sound and your phone (wherever it may be) will start to beep.

Found it. Sheesh, it was tucked between the couch cushions the whole time. 

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