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There’s a New Secret to Taking Amazing iPhone Photos

There you are, scrolling through Instagram like you always do when bam, you spot a friend’s picture perfect shot of her pup, crisp and in focus, with the background blurred into oblivion. It’s clear a professional snapped that one, you mutter in your head, but hold up: Your pal might just be using the Depth Effect feature on the iPhone 7 Plus.

What the heck is Depth Effect? Basically, it’s a super-cool visual effect—and one that’s only available on the iPhone 7 Plus—that allows you to blur the background of a photo and focus in on the object in the foreground (like your friend’s adorable dog).

But how does it make my photos better? Depth effect gives you (the visionary iPhone photographer) total creative control over what the person viewing your pic focuses on while softening everything else around it. Pro photographers have been using this feature for years and even have a fancy word for it: portrait mode.

You officially have a good reason to upgrade your phone.

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