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The Easy Trick to Silence Facebook Friends Who Wont Shut Up About Politics
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You totally adore your friend Nancy’s husband Jon, but it’s an election year and he’s gone off his rocker with daily Facebook rants about who you should vote for (and why). Before you un-friend him and block his political tirades for good, take a deep breath. There’s another way.

What you do: Open up Facebook. Right next to Jon’s name, you’ll see an arrow that looks grayed out, but when you click it, a drop-down menu appears. Click the option that says Unfollow Jon. Basically, this will mute his annoyingly frequent political posts without ending social media friendship. Huzzah!

But won’t he get a notification that you opted out? Nope. He’ll have zero idea that you un-subscribed from his garbage.

And after the election? When you’re ready to re-follow, simply select the drop-down menu in the upper-right-hand corner of your Facebook homepage (it’s next to the lock icon) and choose News Feed Preferences. There, you’ll see an option to Reconnect With People You UnFollowed. Tap Jon’s pic, hit "done" and boom--he's back in your news feed.

Thanks, technology. Saving social friendships one genius work-around at a time.

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