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Whoops, you watched one Snapchat too many this weekend and now Verizon is pinging you with data overage alerts. Never again, thanks to this brilliant trick.

What you do: Open up your iPhone’s settings, tap Cellular and scroll down to where it says Current Data Usage. There, you’ll see how many megabytes—or, gasp, gigabytes—you’ve used so far. (One caveat: You have to tap Reset Statistics at the very bottom first to get an accurate picture every month.)

But wait, I’m on a family plan: Not a problem. Just call your cell phone provider (or log into your online account) to peep your total data plan per month. For example, if you, your mom and your sister have six total gigabytes at your disposal, the three of you can periodically check in on your usage—and then with each other—to be sure you don’t go over. 

Now go back to Snapchat. It’s fine—you’ve used only two gigs so far this month.

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