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Ever notice how some of your photos look crystal clear while others look like they were taken by a four-year-old? What’s up with that? Here, an easy way to ensure you never take a blurry pic again.

What you do: Open your camera app, then tap the part of the screen where you want people’s eyes to go. You’ll see a yellow box appear that corresponds to the point of focus on the image. For example, if you’re taking a picture of Big Ben, tap the tippy top of the tower, then snap away. If you’d like something in the foreground in focus—say, the amazing doughnut you’re holding out in front—tap on that before pressing down on the shutter button.

Why it works: Your phone’s auto-focus isn’t perfect and can’t be manually adjusted like those fancy DSLR lenses that photographers twist around to get the best shot. So tapping the screen helps your smartphone camera recognize what you’d like to bring into clear definition. 

That’s it? Yep, you’re just a tap away from the best damn food-in-the-air Insta we’ve ever seen. 

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