The Nifty Trick for Saving an Article to Read on Your Phone When You're Offline

Two taps and you're done

Remember when PureWow told you to read that gripping Rolling Stone Adele profile? Remember how you thought that would make for perfect airplane entertainment, if only you could figure out a good way to read it on your phone, offline? Here’s how to do it.

What you need: An iPhone running iOS 9 or later.

What you do: The next time you’re reading an article on Safari that you’d like you save for later, tap the little box with an arrow at the bottom of your screen. Then tap “Save PDF to iBooks.”

And then? When you’re safely aboard and given the go-ahead to use electronic devices, open the iBooks app on your home screen. The Adele article will be right there waiting for you as a PDF.

Happy reading!