How to Marie Kondo Your Instagram Feed in 5 Easy Steps

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Unless you’ve been living under a giant pile of clutter for the last few months (in which case, you’ve got some serious bingeing to do), you’re probably well versed in the KonMari method by now, aka the spartan logic that every item you own should “spark joy.” But while Marie Kondo’s organizational approach may be easy enough when it comes to clothing and Tupperware, it’s not like you can hold an Instagram follower in your hand. We’ve got you covered—here’s our handy guide to KonMari-ing the ’Gram.

Step one: Ask yourself one very important question. The most essential step to tackling the trash heap that is your social media feed is to follow only accounts that “spark joy” and delete the rest. That means deleting the #OOTD fashionista who only takes pictures of her feet and the perpetual jet-setter who can't stop Instagramming the wings of a plane. Do your aunt’s blurry close-ups of her dinner make you glow with happiness? No? Time to delete.

Step two: Mute. OK, maybe erasing Aunt Susan from your life was a little harsh. As an alternative, you can always opt for the gentler “mute” button—this won’t delete them but ensures that you no longer have to see their joy-zapping photos in your feed. And the best part? They’ll never know. (Psst…You can also mute people on Twitter or “unfollow” them on Facebook.)

Step three: Take a look at your DMs. There’s no reason to still be in Sarah’s bachelorette party group DM three years later. To get rid of old messages, simply swipe left on the message and hit delete.

Step four: Manage notifications. Receiving an alert that your flight has been delayed? Yes. Being notified that your second cousin posted a new cat meme? No. Go to your phone’s settings and manage or—gasp—turn off notifications for all your social media apps.

Step five: #Unfollow. Two years ago, you decided that you were going to do the ketogenic diet. Except all you really did was eat bacon for breakfast for a week and follow #keto on Instagram. Check out all the hashtags that you’re following (go to your profile and tap “following”) and use the same “does it spark joy?” logic as before. Unfollow what does not.

See? And there’s zero sock origami required.

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