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You Can Now Find Your Uber Passenger Rating with Just One Tap

While you’ve long been able to see your driver’s rating on a scale of one to five stars, finding your own score required a bit of digging around the “help” section of the app. Which basically meant you were living in ignorant bliss. Until now.

Thanks to Uber’s latest update, you can no longer avoid seeing how your drivers have graded you. Spoiler: You’re probably definitely not as popular as you think you are. To find your passenger rating, simply open up the app, click the profile icon on the top left and that’s it—your score should appear below your name.

So how’d you do? Props to those who managed to rack up a perfect five. (We got a 4.6, for the record.) But for those with a less-than-stellar rating, we’ve got you covered.

You can boost your numbers with a few easy fixes, like making sure to set an accurate pickup location—preferably not in a busy intersection (Times Square? Uh, no thanks). And just like everywhere else in life, punctuality is appreciated (think of it like losing a point for every honk your driver gets because you’re saying bye to your friends at the bar). Improve your score even further and stay safe (not squished) in the process by keeping passengers to the number of seatbelts—if you’re in a group, spring for the Uber XL. And it goes without saying that nobody likes it when you eat in their car. Or, you know, vomit. 

Basically, just be on your best behavior and you should see that 4.3 transform into a 5 in no time. Or at least a 4.8—blasting Alicia Keys' Empire State of Mind every time you cross the Brooklyn Bridge is non-negotiable.   

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