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How to Customize Your Phones Text Vibrations

You’re in a meeting and, as a courtesy, switch your phone to vibrate so as not to disturb. But, suddenly, you feel a batch of texts coming through and have no idea if it’s your nanny (urgent) or your sister (probably not). Here, a super-cool trick so you can stop playing the guessing game.

What you do: Open up your iPhone contacts and select the person for whom you’d like to customize the vibration. Next, tap Edit and scroll down until you see Vibration. Right now, it should be set to Default, but if you open it up, you’ll see the option Create New Vibration. To create your own, start tapping anywhere on the screen.

Now what? When you’re done recording the new series of taps that you’ll use to identify the nanny, hit Stop, then Save. (You can play it back as many times as you like until you get the vibration you like.) 

Uh-oh, your phone is blowing up. It’s fine. It’s just your sister and she can totally wait.

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