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Think about it—when was the last time (if ever) that you actually wiped down your keyboard? No, brushing off crumbs from your breakfast croissant doesn’t count. Keep your keyboard clean and happy with these easy techniques.

Step 1: Use a can of compressed air with a skinny detachable nozzle to force anything out that’s gotten stuck under the keys or in tight spots.

Step 2: Next, take a soft cloth and dip the corner in a bit of rubbing alcohol. The towel shouldn’t be soaked, just a little bit damp. Wipe along your keyboard to get rid of any stickiness and rub off stains.

Step 3: Use a Q-tip and the rubbing alcohol to scrub down those hard-to-reach areas.

Ah, much better. Happy typing!

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Additional Reporting by Abby Hepworth

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