The Easiest Way Ever to Childproof Your iPhone

So your two-year-old stops accidentally calling your old boss

You gave your three-year-old your iPhone so she could watch Sesame Street on YouTube for a hot second. The next thing you know, she’s updated your Facebook status with “jsakkfjaksdfj;.” Here, a super-easy way to toddler-proof your iPhone so this never happens again.

What you do: Open up settings on your iPhone, then under General, click Accessibility. Scroll all the way down to where it says Guided Access, tap that and toggle the switch on. After that, click Passcode Settings and set a six-digit guided access passcode.

Now what? Go about your day. The next time you need to use your smartphone as a distraction device, open your toddler’s favorite app and press the home button three times in a row. The option to launch Guided Access will appear--all you have to do is click start, enter your passcode and your kid will be blocked from all apps aside from the one you want her using.

That’s great, but now I want to go on Facebook. Just triple click the home button again, enter your passcode and you’re out!