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How to Get Siri to Talk with a British (or Australian) Accent
Samir Hussein/Getty Images

Siri’s robotic American accent was fun for a minute, but getting updates to your “SHED-ule” from a dapper British dude is way (way) more fun. All it takes is ten seconds—and a quick adjustment in your iPhone’s settings—to get started.

What you do: Open up Settings and scroll down to where it says Siri. Make sure it’s enabled (toggle the button if not). Then at the bottom of that screen, you’ll see an option for Siri Voice. Tap that and choose from three different accents:American, Australian or British. You can also pick a gender. (Of course we went with British male.)

Now go ahead and ask about the forecast. Because when a robot that sounds like Prince Harry says it’s about to rain, you don’t even mind.

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