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How Often Should You Change Passwords? Not as Often as You Think

The Internet, as useful as it is, can also be kind of scary (and confusing) where security is concerned. And hate to break it to ya, but there’s something in particular you’re probably doing wrong. 

And that’s changing your passwords frequently. You may think it’s helpful...but it’s not.

According to a recent study at Carleton University, constantly updating your password isn’t doing much to keep hackers at bay. Looking at the changing passwords of a set of usernames over time, researchers determined that “frequent password changes only hamper such attackers a little bit--probably not enough to offset the inconvenience to users.” That’s usually because when people feel like they have to create a new password, they usually just alter their existing password slightly (say, adding the number one to the end or changing an S to a $), which is pretty ineffective, safety-wise.

Instead of feeling the need to change your password every few months, try to make a really strong initial password that will withstand the test of time. (Take a look at this trick for creating a good one.) Yes, you’ll have to memorize a biggie, but think of it like “one and done” and forever not identity thieved.

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