This Email Subscription Will Make You Smarter

On topics from architecture to philosophy

Sometimes we get so sucked into our daily routine that it feels like we’re kinda going through the motions, not really learning anything new. But who’s got time for edification? 

That’s where Highbrow comes in. It’s a free daily email that sends you a short, super-digestable lesson every morning.

After signing up, choose between dozens of course topics (from "Incredible Female Leaders" to "Brain-Twisting Paradoxes"). From there, Highbrow sends you a lesson on the subject every morning for ten days.

For "Incredible Female Leaders," for example, our first few emails were mini biographies of Catherine the Great, Golda Meir and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

The emails cover the basics (Sirleaf, the president of Liberia, is a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and the only woman ever elected a head of state in Africa), offer suggestions for further reading (Sirleaf's best-selling 2010 memoir) and are easily digested in about five minutes. After ten lessons, you’re immediately prompted to choose your next topic.

Even if you don’t suddenly develop a passion for Aristotelian logic, a few quick facts about the smartest animals on earth (crows? really?) are always useful at your next awkward cocktail party.