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The tech industry has come a long way from two guys in hoodies tinkering in a garage. In fact, lots of the jobs don’t even require computer science degrees. (But no one’s stopping you from taking classes at CompTIA or Cisco.) Here, seven lesser-known jobs you might be right for—and the salaries you could pull in.

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Woman Headphones 728x524

Music Data Scientist

Average salary: $113,000
What she does: You know how you can’t get enough of your Spotify Discover playlist? Well, that's because there are people analyzing data to help predict what songs you’ll probably love. Major part of the job description? Must love music.
Where the jobs are: Universal Music Publishing Group, DreamWorks, Warner Brothers Entertainment Group, Spotify, Pandora

Froot Loops 728x5241

Visual Journalist

Average salary: $80,000
What she does: Visual journalists use images to get information to their readers. So that might mean creating quizzes, charts and infographics (yeah that's a Froot Loops bar graph, people).
Where the jobs are: The Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, The Hollywood Reporter, Variety

Nursing Informatics
U.S. Health Online

Informatics Nurse

Average salary: $80,000
What she does: Federal mandates now require that doctors and hospitals use electronic health and medical records. But who’s going to set up and manage all those systems? The informatics nurse, that’s who.
Where the jobs are: UCLA Medical Center, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Keck Medicine of USC

Hulu Bikes

Smart Cities Analyst

Average salary: $75,000
What she does: You know when you hear about cities growing public transportation, planting water-wise lawns and setting up universal broadband? There’s a smart cities analyst somewhere who did a cost-benefit analysis of how those measures affect us all.
Where the jobs are: City of Los Angeles, City of Santa Monica

P 22

Wildlife Technician

Average salary: $69,000
What she does: Assesses the health of wildlife and their natural habitats. You have to know stuff like using GPS, sampling and tagging, as well as protocols for habitat assessment. Read: Sorry, but not just hiking.
Where the jobs are: Wildlife Waystation, Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife, California Wildlife Center

Mickalene Thomas

Virtual museum curator

Average salary: $60,000
What she does: Truthfully, fighting all that crosstown traffic to look at a Jeff Koons feels meh. So why not create exhibits for people to experience from the comfort of their own home? (Yeah, that part would be on you.)
Where the jobs are: Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles

Foodies Feed

Culinary Technologist

Average salary: $61,000
What she does: Someone with a background in food prep can hit the ground running, helping a company do everything from develop new products to spec out costs to market them and test them for food safety.
Where the jobs are: NestleGhirardelli

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