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Hey, New Yorkers: No-Sweat, Low-Cost Commuting Exists

Let’s face it: Riding the 6 train in summer is like being on a queasy, sticky roller coaster. And your thighs sticking to worn pleather taxi seats? No, thank you.

Instead, make your commute to and from work in Manhattan easier--and way less sweaty--by using uberPOOL. Rides always cost $5. But newbies can try it for free. Just type the promo code POOLPUREWOW into the Promotions tab in your Uber app and score two free uberPOOL rides during Manhattan commuting hours.*

It works like this: Request uberPOOL during rush hour (below 125th Street from 7 to 10 a.m. and from 5 to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday), and you’ll be directed toward a nearby corner for pickup. Just don’t be late--drivers only wait a minute. After all, you want to get to work on time. Then you’ll pick up and drop off others on the way to your destination.

Oh, and it’ll definitely cost $5 (prices are not subject to surge pricing), and AC is included (naturally).

*Offer good through September 16, 2016, until 8 p.m. For first-time uberPOOL commuters only.

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