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Hilarious: This Dating App Matches You Based on Things You Hate
mediaphotos/Getty Images

Our dating profile looks something like this: Likes long walks on the beach, romantic comedies and ice-cream dates.

Nah, we’re just kidding. We’re way more cynical than that, which is why we’re kind of obsessed with a hilarious new dating app, Hater, that matches people not on their interests and passions, but on the things they mutually hate. 

Once you download the free app and set up an account, you’re presented with a bunch of people, places and things which you rank as either love, like, dislike or hate. There are currently 2,000 topics to judge (with more coming), from “paying extra for guacamole” to “slow walkers” to “Taylor Swift as a person”. Basically, it’s super fun.

You are then matched with nearby suitors who share your dislikes, so you can immediately begin bonding over your shared disgust for country music or asparagus or whatever.

Is it silly? Yes. Could you potentially meet your soul mate? Sure! After all, as Ms. Swift once (kinda sorta) sang: Haters gonna date date date date date.

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