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*Praise Hands*: Google Just Introduced a Ton of Great Gender-Equality Emojis

Scroll through your phone's current emoji options and you might notice an unfortunate trend. While men are shown as firefighters and businessmen, women are princesses or dancing ladies in frilly dresses. 

And while we're all about dancing (and frilly dresses), we're also multifaceted humans who, you know, have the same jobs as dudes. 

Luckily, Google recognized this and just introduced more than 100 new emojis--available on Android and other platforms--that are a much better representation of women in the workplace (and in general). 

Now, for example, you can select male and female detectives as well as women and men getting their hair cut. Think this is a silly and insignificant change? Send the lady welder a couple times and get back to us. 

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