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“You’ve got mail.” Three little words that can trigger excitement, stress, fear and relief. We can’t change the contents of your emails, but we can arm you with seven amazing Gmail hacks to make managing them a little easier.

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undo send

Undo Send

You know that sinking feeling that maybe you misspelled a word or (worse) sent an email to the wrong person? (Hey, it happens to the best of us). This feature gives you a magic wand to—poof—unsend. Simply navigate to the Settings > General tab, click the “Enable Undo Send” box and choose your cancellation period (go with 30 seconds to be safe).

unread message icon

Unread Message Icon

Want to see what’s happening in your inbox while you’re busy in other tabs? Head to Labs and enable “Unread Messages Icon.” Now you can see when you’ve gotten a new email or if things are starting to stack up without navigating away from what you’re working on.

mass unsubscribe

Mass Unsubscribe

Email marketers are legally required to give you an unsubscribe option, but who has time to check that link in every...single...newsletter? is a free plugin that can help you clean up your email with just a click.

send and archive

Send and Archive

Vying for inbox zero? Enable “Send and Archive” in the Settings > General tab. Now you have the option to say “boy bye” to an email thread you’ve responded to.

add email to tasks

Add Emails to Tasks

Let’s face it: Email is work. Treat it as such by adding important threads to your Tasks lists. First, open up Tasks by clicking the dropdown next to Mail in the top left corner of your inbox. Then, within an email, select “Add to Tasks” under the More menu.

read email offline

Read Email Offline

Don’t let a lack of internet connection kill your productivity. Add the Google Chrome Gmail Offline extension and you’ll be able to read, respond to and archive emails when offline. Open up the Settings > Gmail Offline tab and allow a few minutes for the extension to sync and download emails ahead of time.


“Snooze” and Schedule for Later

So much of prioritizing is recognizing that not everything is urgent. For those non-pressing updates or event invites far into the future, use the Gmail Snooze extension to be reminded at a later time. On the flip side, you can draft and schedule emails for later with Boomerang...for those times when you’re working ahead on something and want to send it at a specific time.

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